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    "Certainly a stunner ... the pair has transformed hard-hitting prose into song." -No Depression Magazine

    "Fairbanks & the Lonesome Light masterfully mix pedal steel and electric guitars and channel the likes of Ryan Adams and Jason Molina." -Glide Magazine

    “… the band is able to create an emotional connection with their audience while giving the music something original and exciting for the ears to grab on to.” -Kim Grant, Tunstyled Junkpiled Magazine

    "While the band can surely shake the walls, the title track, "Nothing to Escape," showcases Flores and Logan's effortless harmonies…suggesting an emotional complexity that will make the rest of Nothing to Escape a treat for repeat listeners." -Rachel Cholst, Adobe & Teardrops

    “Cruising into the Top Ten Songs...Dreamy Folk Americana from Austin, Texas.” -Alternate Root Magazine

    “…has that melancholic push and pull, some sublime playing and wonderful vocal harmonies.” -Post To Wire

    “…the couple makes it sounds so easy, with guitar, bass, mandolin, pedal steel and drums flavored by tasty he/she vocals, Flores’ world-weary and Logan’s angelic.” -Kevin Bronson, Buzzbands LA

    “What a band!…this band who dwells in Echo Park has it.” -Kat Griffin, DJ, 88.5 KCSN L.A.

    “…Fairbanks and the Lonesome Light’s songs hold up to these tried-and-true topics that make up the best of the earnest-but-blurry line where country music and rock and roll are kissing cousins.” -Joe Armstrong, Host & Producer, Independent's Day


    “I ain’t looking behind, I ain’t looking ahead. I’m just lucky to be here at all.”  -FB &t LL
    At the heart of Fairbanks & the Lonesome Light are Erik Flores and Amelia Rose Logan, writing songs dressed in two-part harmony with the kind of spark that could light your day…or your cigarette. The band is a backyard duo who grew into a sweeping five-piece outfit with musical temperaments veering between Indie Rock and Classic Americana. Guitars, Mandolin, Drums, Bass and Pedal Steel create the space where their stories play out.

    After years of running separately in the same music circles, the duo landed in Los Angeles by way of Austin,TX and found roots for their Indie Americana ideas in the artistic community of Echo Park, where their self titled debut was recorded. Stirring with movement and rough around the edges, Echo Park played a big part in shaping the band's ideas and sound. Since the release of their debut the band has traveled, enjoyed US and EURO Americana charting airplay, written and recorded their next release and are now calling Austin, TX their home base.

    Their follow up release, "Nothing to Escape" is another collection of personally revealing stories pulling back the curtain on everything from the struggles of addiction to the beauties of becoming a parent. Recorded with the help of producer Raymond Richards (Local Natives, Honey Honey, Avid Dancer) and performed by an outstanding band the new songs are sung with the kind of authenticity that demands repeat listens.

    With restless reflection, sweet harmony and a solid foundation of Indie Folk/Americana music, Erik and Amelia draw from the same traditions that Jeff Tweedy, The Band, Ryan Adams, Neil Young, Gillian Welch and others cut from that cloth seem to lean toward.



    Erik Flores 512-461-6644

    Steve LaBate
    Baby Robot Media


ATX! “If you’re not in Nashville” , Little Acoustic Show this Thurs 9/22

ATX! If you’re not in Nashville, come relax for a bit and hang with us. We got a little acoustic show put together for you. 8-10p.  The Buzz Mill . Sweet outdoor spot. Beer, food & caffeine. Free show. All ages. Jump on the invite. Let’s hang out!


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Austin, TX – Friday 9/9

Austin friends, we’re stoked to be joining our buddies The South Austin Moonlighters for their unplugged show at The Townsend this Friday night. Fairbanks & the Lonesome Light hits at 8:30 on the dot. Short and sweet set. Come hang if you’re around! Here’s the invite:


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Fairbanks & the Lonesome Light on INDEPENDENT’S DAY – Episode 170

Independent’s Day- Episode 170


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TX Radio

Thanks to Shayne over at 95.9 FM in Ft Worth for giving our record a little spin. Tune in to Americana Underground & support TX radio!

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Last night’s Vinyl Release Party in Austin TX…

We’re having such a good time getting back into it here in Austin TX. Last night was a blast. – E & A


Vinyl Release




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Love the love

Always cool to hear our tunes on Sweetheart of the Radio. Thanks for the love Angela & WFHB. We appreciate it. -E & A

Listen here http://www.radiofreeamerica.com/dj/angela-backstrom


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Our new site is live!


Our new site is live!

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